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Video Poker Machine

Game King Video Poker

Multi-Denom Poker Machine

Game King consist of Touch screen with 12 games

Bill Validator accepts $1's through $100's

Standard Casino size cabinet Approx. 48" tall & 247 pounds

Game Selection Includes:

Bonus Poker
Joker Poker
Double Diamond Bonus Poker
Triple Bonus Poker
Four Card Keno
Caveman Keno
Triple Diamond Keno
Black Rhino
Super 8 Line
Diamond Mine
Double Bonus Poker
Black Jack

Cabinet Color: Black or Red

Machine Dimensions:

This machine is 48 inches high and the top candle will add an additional 4 to 6 inches. The width is 22 inches and 20 inches deep. The weight is approximately 300 pounds.

Power Requirements:

This machine will run on normal 110 V household current. The power cord will run out of the back of the machine. No special adapter or wiring is needed. It is a good idea to plug the power cord into a power surge protector since there is a computer board inside this machine.

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