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5x Gold™ Spinning Reel

S2000 - Spinning Reel: 3-Reel, 1-Line, 2-Credit Multiplier

3-reel, 2-credit, single payline game play with multipliers and big payouts will have you striking the mother load when you play the Five Times Gold ™ slot. It’s a golden opportunity you won’t be able to pass up!

Game Play Features
•3-reel, 2-credit, single payline game play
•5X Gold symbols are wild and matches any other symbolon the payline
•When the Five Times Gold™ symbol falls on the payline, the following special payouts are triggered:
•One multiplies any winning combination five times
•Two multiply any winning combination twenty-five times

Machine Dimensions:
This Machine is a Standard Casino Size, Approximately 44 Inches High Including Top Candle. The Width is 22 Inches and 20 Inches Deep. The Weight is Approximately 250 Pounds.

Power Requirements:
This Machine Will Run on Normal 110 V Household Current. The Power Cord Will Run Out of the Back of the Machine. No Special Adaptor or Wiring is Needed. It is a Good Idea to Plug the Power Cord Into a Power Surge Protector Since There is a Computer Board Inside This Machine.

Machine Disclosure:
Since These Machines are Used, the Chrome Finish, Reels, Glass, Buttons and Laminate May Show Some Wear & Tear.

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