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Frequently Asked Question Posted 08/23/2012

Our "competition"

Some internet sites can misrepresent information about their company and products.

Do they have a Distributors License in the State of Nevada?
Do they have a Manufacturing License in the State of Nevada?
Are they registered with the Department of Justice?
Do they have qualified support after your purchase?
Nevada Gaming Partners, LLC

A Licensed Distributor in the State of Nevada.
A Licensed Manufacturer in the State of Nevada.
Registered with the Department of Justice.
We stock over 500 machines in our inventory.
Each Machine is completely inspected and serviced before shipped.
We have technical support after purchase
All Shipments are tracked via the internet during shipment.
Things to know before you purchase a Gaming Device:
Machines are for entertainment only.
Each machine is about 3 square feet
Stand is not included, unless purchased separately.
Chairs are not included unless purchased separately.
Most slot machines on the market now are 11-16 years old.
All machines are original casinos machines.

Common technical problems

Blow blubs - available at any hardware store, and easily replaceable. Each machine uses 3 fluorescents with a replacement cost around $5 each.
The motherboard has a dead battery - you can get it from us or a hardware store, must be fixed with a soldering iron. Or you can ship just the motherboard to us for replacement.
If the adhesive holding the reel strip together come apart, using a strong clear tape.
Error Codes - They will come up if something is wrong. You will need tech support to know what the error code means and how to fix it.

Contact Us
Please call us or email us directly with any questions
We will be more than happy to help you.

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